Symbolic Sea Dream

This type of wedding is not legally binding, and spouses have the freedom to personalize the ceremony in such a way that it reflects completely their values and benefits. The content of a symbolic or commitment ceremony will vary from couple to couple and always tolerate to the needs of each individual couple. The ceremony can be a traditional us you wish , or relaxed and unstructured . The Symbolic wedding can be on the Beach or everywhere you wish . Symbolic or commitment wedding ceremonies are a perfect choice to celebrate you union i

Mediterranean Symbolic Sea Dream

  • Your Dreams
  • Your Wishes
  • Your Budget
  • You are not limited by fixed wedding packages
  • Your own requirements and budget
  • We will organize for you accordingly


You can email to us a list with your own wedding requirements ( if these are not available in our offers ) and we will email to your availability and prices accordingly.


You will have an amazing day, no stress ,easy and perfect day.


This Cyprus Wedding Day " Mediterranean Symbolic Sea Dream " package give you chance to speak with our wedding coordinator and to decide everything about your Dream Wedding ,please fill a quate form and our team will contact you with all details .

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